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Wonderful style and colours; the reflections and fire too!
Derek Tennant - 19 Nov 2022
My husband and I collect art and came across Susan Ross. Her artwork is fun and unique and we liked the use of bright colours, natural movement and textures throughout.
Sandra - 23 May 2022
i really like your work... i'd like to see it in person... all the work i liked best was sold, but..... good for you!!! let me know of any exhibits....
peter smith - 13 May 2021
Gord Floyd sent me your website. ( He is a cottage neighbour). Your work s lovely and use of colour inspiring.
Brenda MacDonald - 2 Feb 2021
Why am I just seeing this now? Fabulous work, Susan. So great to see it as a whole. Good website. Love "Totems". Love the sky series too.
Leslie Corry - 28 Apr 2014
Love your paintings. Please keep me informed of your exhibits.
Gwen Tooth - 3 Mar 2014
Nice site. Easy to navigate. Difficult to find by just Googling your name + artist. There's another Sue Ross in the States. Did you ever link to my blog? Keep up the vibrant work, Sue!
David Janzen - 4 Sep 2011
Outstanding! Love the site and your work.
colleen jones - 23 Mar 2011
Well done Web page . I like it . A great way to promote your art. Cheers
Phil Herbst - 21 Mar 2011
very snappy
Brian Herbst - 16 Mar 2011
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